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Worn Out Soccer Ball

100_1567We arrived at the soccer ball field to begin another tournament.  There were a lot of people already in the stands and our team was preparing to begin our program.  A young man showed up with this “Worn Out Soccer Ball”.  He told me that a year ago, he won the ball when we allowed the children to kick a goal and if they could kick a goal they would win a soccer ball.  He won this ball and he said that he played with it almost ever day for the whole year.  He said it was a good ball.  I gave him a new ball to replace the old ball.  As you can see, Kingdom Sports Soccer Balls, the “Ball of Many Colors” is a very durable soccer ball.

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Peter Recruits in Mexico

Our group was sharing the Gospel using the “Ball of Many Colors” when we saw a group of boys playing marbles.  When they saw the ball, they came running, thinking that they were going to get the ball to play with it.  Instead, I shared the Gospel. All of the boys in the group accepted Christ as their Savior, we got some information about them and the boys soon disappeared.

We continued down the block and Peter, on of the boys, waved to us to come over where he was standing by 2 other boys and his sister.  All 3 of them accepted Christ.  Again Peter disappeared.  We continued down the block and Peter appeared again with his parents.  He wanted us to share the “Story” with his parents.  Both of them accepted the Lord.  Several other young people accepted Jesus as their Savior.  Peter allowed the Lord to use him to reach his parents and many of his friends.  I think that we might have another “Billy Graham”.

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